The last 4 loans Western Solutions Inc. consulted on and closed, all included new money pieces for building projects to expand and improve campus facilities. Often times, trends in school financing are indicative of our current market place. For example, after the financial downturn of 2008, we were hard pressed to advise 501 (c)(3)’s on anything other then refinancing. Today is quite a different story. Schools are continuing to refinance but also expand and improve. The great news is that the current market place is facilitating these types of new money loans at rates such as 1.90% fixed for 5 years and 2.3% fixed for 10 years. We have seen schools obtain new money tax-exempt dollars for gym construction, music centers, weight lifting facility, new classrooms (which were reconstructed at a reduced cost), purchase a home for head of school, construction of a new preschool, etc. The financial market is accommodating private schools in their pursuit to expand, improve and refinance. Looks like a good time to consider new money tax-exempt loan options.