Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Western Solutions instead of a local bank?
Our services are more extensive than your local bank. We offer the following advantages:

• A broad understanding of 501 (c) (3) organizations. Our expertise specifically focuses on non-profit municipal finance and tax-exempt loans. We bring the best low-cost financing options to the table.

• Access to multiple financing solutions. Our close relationships with banking parties and “working group” members ensure all clients receive competitive pricing with no hidden fees.

• We specialize in assisting your organization obtain tax-exempt municipal securities and loans for purposes of refinance, land purchase, construction and upgrades.

• We create a competitive environment between banks for better pricing, covenants and terms.

How do we determine if tax-exempt borrowing is the right option for our non-profit?
Tax-exempt financing can be used for purposes of refinance, land purchase, construction, and facility upgrades. Even if your organization is not prepared to embark on the tax-exempt bond/loan process, Western Solutions can assist you in preparing for future bond/loan financing. Contact a Western Solutions advisor to explore your organization’s financing options.
What are the fees associated with tax-exempt financing?
There are multiple fees associated with tax-exempt financing, most of the cost of issuance can be paid through loan proceeds so that your non-profit does not have to pay fees out-of-pocket. Western Solutions works closely with participating parties to ensure fair, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. In many cases we can have attorneys fix their fees.
Is our organization required to have a capital campaign in place to receive tax-exempt financing?
Although capital campaign programs are excellent sources of revenue for non-profit organizations, they are not required to complete tax-exempt financing. In many cases, it is better to issue debt through a bond so a construction project can be completed and paid off with capital campaign money.
What are the current market rates?
There are many different ways to structure tax-exempt financing. Bonds/Loans can have adjustable or fixed rates on different terms. Because interest rates change daily, it is best to contact a Western Solutions advisor to find out the current rates.
How can our organization learn more about tax-exempt financing?
With no up-front fees or obligation, a Western Solutions advisor will educate your organizations administrative staff and board on all steps involved in obtaining tax-exempt financing. Western Solutions advisors have extensive knowledge of the tax-exempt process and will ensure that your organization’s staff understands tax-exempt financing options before decisions are made.