Western Solutions Areas of Expertise

At Western Solutions, we provide a number of specialty advising services to assist your non-profit’s unique financing needs. Our services include advising on tax-exempt bond and/or loan financing, taxable loan financing, bridge loans, draw structures, public/private offerings, fundraising initiatives, endowment funds, and long term/ short term financial planning. We will bring your non-profit a number of financing opportunities, create a competitive environment for best pricing, negotiate terms, covenant and fees, manage the working group, and guide your non-profit through the entire bond/loan process.

Western Solutions has a network of resources that offers clients lower cost of issuance fees from members of the working group. Our competitive edge is the full and undivided attention given to our clients and the annual and upfront savings that we provide.

How to Get Started

To assess your non-profit’s project to utilize or refinance with tax-exempt lending, Western Solutions will need to understand the following about your organization:

  • Last 4 years of audited statements
  • Budget for upcoming year
  • Details on existing debt or new construction
  • Description of any pending improvements, expansions, or repairs
  • Enrollment/occupancy/rents for the last 4 years
  • Annual capital campaign funds

Tax-exempt financing offers your organization the following advantages:

  • Long term fixed rate financing available
  • Minimal interest rates (in some cases as low as 1.2%)
  • No pre payment penalties
  • High loan-to-values, up to 90%
  • No hidden fees
  • Increases borrowing capacity
  • Multi-modal loan documents, allowing refinance without new issuance costs